Vulcan County Land Use Bylaw 2010-010 Amendments Open House

Vulcan County is currently reviewing its Land Use Bylaw 2010-010 in effort to ensure the appropriateness of land uses and development standards.  While a good portion of the edits are typographical “clean up”, as well as the addition/refinement of administrative provisions, a few significant new matters are addressed, including:

  •         shipping containers (sea-cans)
  •         home occupations
  •         provision for the development of an accessory building prior to a principal building
  •         provision for a dwelling unit to be constructed within/combined with an accessory building
  •         additions/deletions to the uses listed in all districts

Location: Vulcan Lodge Hall
Date: October 22, 2014
Time: 5pm to 7pm

  1.       Summary report on the changes that have been made
  2.       Full LUB with changes marked in Green