Vulcan Business Development

   The Vulcan Business Development Society (VBDS) mandate is:

  • to promote economic development and growth within the County, Town and Villages
  • to promote, co-ordinate, facilitate and carry out studies, activities, projects, and programs to attract and retain investment, create employment, and enhance economic development, and
  • to promote the area as an attractive place to invest, carry on business, reside and visit.

Several projects initiated by VBDS include a Tourism Assessment, Business Vitality Initiative and a signage project for consistent wayfinding and gateway signage.

The new VBDS website contains a wealth of information for residents and businesses. From a business directory, to business resources to coming events, this site provides a resource about the Vulcan region and information for business startup.

The Vulcan Innovation Project, completed in 2012, resulted in the following:

-An agreement between Lethbridge College, Vulcan Adult Learning and VBDS for the initiation of the Vulcan Rural Campus.  A classroom at Vulcan County High School is dedicated as the site for post secondary education in the community.

-The initiation of Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Alliance        

-Businesses and organizations developing their capacity in the use of web sites and social media.

Business Development Opportunity Study – Just completed at the end of 2012, this document provides the background material and the action plan for development in the Region.  Business Study

The VBDS keep an events page up to date with events from all across Vulcan County.  You can view the events page here.

The VBDS office is well equipped with meeting facilities which are technologically connected and available for rent. Business incubation opportunities are also available. Contact the VBDS office if your business or organization is interested.

Contact information:


Paul Taylor

Vice Chair

Jason Schneider

Economic Development Officer      

Marilyn MacArthur

Box 1205, 110, 1 Ave S
Vulcan, Alberta T0L 2B0
Office: 403-485-4100
Fax: 403-485-4130
Cell: 403-485-1132 e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it