Vulcan and District Tourism

Vulcan and District Tourism Society.

Welcome to Vulcan, third planet from the sun, North American Continent, Country of Canada, Province of Alberta, County of Vulcan.

Live Long and Prosper Vulcan stands proudly on the western edge of the Canadian Badlands region of southern Alberta, surrounded by endless acres of wheat, canola and barley, only one hour from both the cities of Calgary and Lethbridge.

Over the years, this town of just under 2,000 people has worked hard to take advantage of its name by creating a fun and unique Star Trek related identity that makes it stand apart from any other small prairie town. Today, Vulcan offers a fun and unique tourism experience for visitors and Trekkies alike.

The Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station:
This one of a kind visitor information centre was built to look like a landed space station. and is home to a large collection of Star Trek Memorabilia, the Galaxy Souvenir Gift Shop, and of course: tourist information from around the County and the Province.

Open Year Round, the unique Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station is designed to look like a landing spacecraft. As you enter the building, the stars and nebula of the “Trek Station’s” floor to ceiling space murals will have you feeling that you have stepped into outer space.You will be greeted by the Trek Station’s Captain and friendly crew members who are on hand to answer all of your questions about Vulcan’s fictitious association with Star Trek’s Mr. Spock.

History of the Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station. In November, 1995 a former Town of Vulcan Administrator brought forward the concept of creating a space themed tourist station to tap into the growing tourist market interested in Space Tourism, Science and Star Trek. The idea quickly grew into a group effort between V.A.S.T (Vulcan Association for Science and Trek), the Vulcan County Economic Development , Vulcan & District Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Vulcan.

The Trek Station’s official grand opening was on October 23, 1998. The Station was designed to look like a landed spaceship. Clever landscaping and fibreoptic lighting on the soffat of the center enhance the illusion.

Today thousands of people from all over this world, and beyond, make the Trek to Vulcan to visit this unique attraction. It’s not everyday you see a tourist information centre shaped like a spaceship, unless of course you are in Vulcan, Alberta.

Interesting Facts about the Trek Station:
Architect: Ron Boruk
Contractor: R.A.West Construction, Vulcan, AB.
Size of Building: 2,930 Sq. Feet
Height of Building: 53′ from floor bottom to tower tip

Star Trek inspired attractions:
In addition to carrying tourist information about Vulcan County, and the rest of Alberta, the Trek Station is also home to a number of unique science fiction
and Star Trek inspired attractions:

Star Trek Green Screen -  We supply the costumes! Life-sized Star Trek character cutouts are waiting to pose with you on the main bridge of our  Star Ship on our Green Screen.

Star Trek Memorabilia – Admire the 800+ piece collection of Star Trek memorabilia, donated to the Town of Vulcan by the family of
Albert Cave – a long time Star Trek fan and Vulcan enthusiast.

Star Trek Walking Tour – Learn more about Vulcan, Alberta’s Star Trek Walking Tour.

Gene Roddenberry Memorial Plaque – Admire the Gene Roddenberry Memorial Plaque, unveiled by the Star Trek Creator’s son, Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry Jr. in June 2008.

Walk of Fame – Come and walk through the streets of our town and experience the first in the world Star Trek Walk of fame with over
20 inductees to be installed before the end of 2012.

Gift Shop – Explore our fun collection of Vulcan and Star Trek souvenirs, postcards, costumes, toys and collectibles in our Galaxy Gift Shop.

Our Team 
Devan Daniels – Tourism Administrator
Shannon Clarke – Assistant Tourism Administrator

Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station
115 Centre Street East
PO Box 1161,
Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0
Phone: (403) 485-2994

Nine in a Line Elevators in the 1920's Carmangay Railway Trestle Trek Station and Starship at night