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Strategic Focus

Vulcan County Council adopted a strategic plan in 2012 that provided a long term focus for our Community and for the Corporation.  Further strategic planning sessions are booked for May 2014.


"Vibrant, Innovative, Safe"  Were the themes that came from the original planning sessions.  These were characterized with the following values.

  1. Emergency Services Operating to a High Standard.
  2. Recruit and Retain Qualified County Staff.
  3. Development.
  4. Transportation Networks.
  5. Inform Ratepayers on Bylaw Changes.
  6. Promote Economic Development and Tourism.
  7. Expand Partnerships where the Collective Goal is Recruitment and Retention of Physicians.
  8. Recreation Facilities.
  9. Industrial Park.
  10. Regional Water Line.
  11. Strengthen Communities within the Municipality by Providing Administrative Support.

For the full Strategic Plan click here.