Rural Addressing

 Rural Addressing is a standardized system of identifying and locating rural properties. This system will aid emergency response personnel, utility companies, couriers, and other visitors in finding your residence quicker. 

For any properties existing prior to April 1, 2009, your new Rural Address will automatically be provided to you. You will receive written notice of your new address prior to the installation of signs. After this cut-off date, any new developments will require the owner or developer to purchase a Rural Addressing sign from the County as part of the development process. Written notice of the new address will be sent out once the primary access to the development has been identified (if already exists) or built. 

When you have your new rural address in place, memorize it! Your new Rural Address is primarily for emergency response. If you ever need to call 911, you can give the 911 dispatcher this address. We recommend posting your Rural Address near every phone in your house. Also be sure to educate your children as to what your Rural Address is, what it is for, and how it should be used in the event of an emergency.