Road Allowances

Vulcan County has experienced extensive operating and maintenance costs as a result of persons constructing fences or depositing materials within the road allowances. Fences, rocks, etc. within a road allowance present a safety hazard, which may result in serious injury or loss of life and property.

Section 43 (1) of The Public Highways Development Act prohibits a person from constructing any type of structure, or depositing any material on a highway.

Section 43 (3) permits the County to remove the obstruction or material and invoice the person responsible regardless of a conviction being registered.

A person who contravenes subsection (1) is guilty of an offence and punishable by way of Summary Conviction.

Upon conviction, the Court will impose a fine, which may include the cost of removal of the obstruction or material.

Vulcan County Enforcement Officer requests your cooperation identifying persons responsible, making our roads safer.

Beginning June 1, 2005, problem areas of the county will be identified and violators will be prosecuted.