Gravel and Pit Run



   Total Cost Per Tonne
 CRUSHED GRAVEL (loaded)  Ratepayers Use

 $10.00 / tonne for ratepayers, up to a maximum of 200 tonnes / ratepayer / yr

$16.00 / tonne for additional purchases by ratepayers

   Industrial Use $18.00 / Tonne
 PIT RUN   $3.50 / Tonne


Gravel is available for purchase by County Ratepayers every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday between the hours of 8:00 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Updated May 15/17
The Vulcan County gravel crew will be loading rate payers at the Vaage Pit this week.

Vaage Pit NW 16-15-21-W4M 15 miles east of Champion on SH529
Ingraham Pit NE 9-20-23-W4M 3 1/2 miles South of Arrowwood on RR 234 and 3/4 mile East on TWP 202
Seebeck Pit SW 4-14-20-W4M 18 East of Carmangay
Saunderson PiT SW 13-14-25-W4M 7 miles West off Hwy 23 on TWP 142
Top Notch Pit W1/2 5-17-17-W4M 2 miles South off Hwy 539 on RR 181 nad 2 miles East on TWP 170
Lonesome Lake Pit NE 21-16-17-W4M 4 miles South off Hwy 539 on RR 170 and 2 1/2 miles West on TWP 164

Community Aggregate Levy

Click here for a sample form, contact the Operations Department on 403-485-3124 to complete the form.