Fire Permits Form

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Issued under the authority of Vulcan County Burn By-Law No. 2001-009 and in accordance with The Forest and Prairie Protection Act and Regulations thereunder. Permits can only be issued for a maximum of 3 days.

All permit holders must call Foothills Dispatch Center @ 1-888-808-3722 one (1) hour prior to burning and every morning the permit holder burns from the effective date to expiry date, quoting the official permit number issued by Vulcan County on approval of this completed, signed form.

All permit holders must have a cell phone, or other means of communication, on site in order to report any emergency situation that may arise.

Fires cannot be left unattended and must be controlled.

No fire shall be commenced if wind conditions pose a risk of the uncontrolled spread of the fire.

Other conditions can be applied when permit is approved.

I have read and understand the conditions above and those listed in "The Forest & Prairie Protection Act ". By submitting the request online you are agreeing to accept full responsibility

This permit is not valid until signed by the Guardian or the County office.

This Information is being collected in pursuant to Section 33 of the FOIP Act. For further information call the Vulcan County FOIP Co-ordinator at 403-485-2241.


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