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The Corporate Services (also known as the Finance Department) provides a wide and varied range of services to the Vulcan County team and ratepayers.

Some of these services include:


Property assessment is the process of assigning a dollar value to a property for taxation purposes. In Alberta property is taxed based on the ad valorem principle. Ad valorem means "according to value." This means that the amount of tax paid is based on the value of the property. The municipality is responsible for ensuring that each property owner pays his or her fair share of taxes. Property assessment is the method used by municipalities to distribute the tax burden among property owners in a municipality.  For further information download the booklet ‘Guide to Property Assessment and Taxation in Alberta’.

Taxation Information and Pre-Payment Plan

The tax rate is used to calculate your annual tax levy and it reflects the amount of taxes required for every $1 of assessment. The tax rate is also referred to as the mil rate.

The tax rate is set each year by County Council. Any interested ratepayer is welcome to sit in on the Council meeting and/or submit their concerns to County Council by way of a letter. The tax rate is usually set in the month of May, however this can change. Please call the Administration office at (403) 485-2241 for confirmation of when the tax rates will be on the Council Agenda.

Vulcan County offers a Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan to our ratepayers.  This allows ratepayers to pay their property taxes over the year in equal monthly installments.  The program pays the current year`s taxes.  Payments are made on the 15th of each month.

Financial and Budget Documents

Corporate Services provides reports to keep ratespayers informed of where their tax dollars are being spent. Questions and concerns, take a look at the Financial Statements and the Municipal Budget or give us a call.

Grants Support

Corporate Services is responsible for providing grants support to the organizations throughout its boundaries, for further information visit the grants page.

Support for non-profit organizations

Corporate Services provides financial record keeping for a number of non-profit organizations.

Mapping / GIS

Vulcan County has a dedicated Geographic Integrated Systems (GIS) technologist, this person provides mapping services to the County employees, municipalities and organizations.  These maps are used for a number of reasons. Currently all of the maps are under review  and will be added as they are approved.