Assessment information on VC Maps

We now have assessment information available to view and download on our VC Maps application click here.

Click on the VC Maps logo to login as a guest:


Once VC Maps is loaded, it’ll show a panel on the left side of the screen, with 4 Tabs; Search, Legend, Tools, and Result. The right side of the screen shows a map of the county with a toolbar in the top left, and a zooming slide on the right:


The Assessment information available on the webmap consists of an immediate view of your Total Assessment Value for each parcels when the mouse hovers over a parcel of land, along with the Roll Number and Total Area. Selecting a parcel by clicking on it will bring up a record on the left panel showing the Roll Number, it’s Quarter and/or Lot information, and a breakdown of Total Values Culminating in your Total Taxable Value.

There are multiple ways to gain access to your assessment information



Type in or select from the drop down boxes to select your property or properties by Roll Number, Rural Address, Civic Address , Legal Land Location or Lot-Block-Plan.

 Spatial Selection


These tools allow you to zoom in and out, pan around and select parcels of land and have their Assessment information be listed on the left panel.

Selecting Multiple Parcels:

Multiple parcels can be selected at once by holding down the shift button while selecting parcels with the Select arrow. It can also be done by using the special Select Radius button on the toolbar (allowing you to select every parcel that touches a circle you create) or Select Polygon button (allowing you to select every parcel that touches a shape you create).