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Upcoming Events

Landowner Oil & Gas Information Session

March 13th from 7pm - 9pm at the Cultural Recreation Centre in Vulcan.
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Phostoxin/Farmer Pesticide Certificate Workshop

February 16, 2017 County Office 9 am – 12 pm
This workshop will allow you to purchase Phostoxin for Grain Beetle Control after successful completion of course.
Certificate is valid for 5 years

To Register: call Kelly Malmberg at 403-485-3103 or email:


Provide extension programs and materials that can improve the sustainability of the family farm both economically and environmentally. Administer the ASB Act, and all other agricultural legislation as required. Provide specialized agricultural services and rental equipment that will help promote sustainable agriculture. Ensure that the future of agriculture remains a priority within Vulcan County.


Vulcan County Agricultural Services is committed to ensuring that agriculture remains viable and sustainable in Vulcan County, through programming, education, and promotion of the agricultural industry.


1. Provide an effective Integrated Pest Management Program to reduce the amount of problem noxious weeds, prevent the spread of any new ones, and to provide our landowners with the most current and up to date information possible.
2. Provide local producers with best management practices that can improve the sustainability of their operations.
3. Encourage and develop local conservation programs.
4. Provide producers with best management practices and necessary equipment to improve livestock production.
5. Recognize individuals that have played a positive role in agriculture in Vulcan County.